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Check out David Ellefson's Studio Gear

Megadeth’s David Ellefson checks in from San Diego where he’s been working on bass overdubs for the new album. Watch as he takes us through some of the Jackson bass guitars he’s been using in the studio …

Ellefson Vlogs From the Studio

Megadeth’s David Ellefson shares a quick video clip from the studio where the metal giants are working on a new album.

Megadeth's Chris Broderick Gives Jackson Showroom Tour

Jackson signature artist Chris Broderick hit the Artist Showroom in Burbank, Calif., this week to add to his arsenal. Find out what he picked up and get a tour of the showroom below…

Revocation’s David Davidson Named Top Modern Metal Guitarist

By Pauline France Revocation’s David Davidson topped the list of today’s top 25 modern metal guitarists, according to website MetalSucks. The site conducted a staff survey, and “after an incredible amount of arguing, name calling, and physical violence,” concluded that … Continue reading

Jackson Live: Chris Broderick on his Signature Axe

Megadeth’s Chris Broderick worked closely with Jackson Custom Shop master craftsmen to design his signature model, the Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist. Watch as he sees the finished product for the first time, and then listen as he takes us through … Continue reading

Megadeth's David Ellefson Recaps Big Four U.S. Show

The dust has settled (literally); heads have been banged and the music and pyrotechnics have left our ears ringing for days to come. We now reflect on one of U.S. metal’s most historic days ever—the April 23 Big Four show … Continue reading