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Honoring Randy Rhoads: 30 Years Gone

Thirty years ago today (March 19, 1982), Randy Rhoads was killed in a tragic plane crash in Leesburg, Fla., robbing the world of a breathtaking guitar virtuoso. After co-founding Quiet Riot at the age of 16, Rhoads went on to … Continue reading

Remembering Randy Rhoads

Legendary musician Randy Rhoads would have been 55 today (Dec. 6) had a tragic airplane accident not taken his life in March of 1982. The former Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist helped create the template of metal soloing that … Continue reading

Where Did the “Concorde” Come From?

True or false: Randy Rhoads named the first Jackson Rhoads prototype guitar model the “Concorde” after the supersonic aircraft of the same name. True. That’s right—the second custom V-shaped guitar built at the behest of the late, great Randy Rhoads … Continue reading