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Metal Mike Offers New Guitar World Column

Metal Mike Chlasciak is back with the latest edition of his Guitar World column, Metal For Life. “As much as I love guitar parts built from fast and hyper-syncopated power-chord figures, some of the heaviest riffs I’ve ever heard are … Continue reading

Metal Mike Offers Fresh Lesson Via Guitar World

Metal Mike Chlasciak’s latest column for the April issue of Guitar World has him dissecting the task of crafting a rhythmically and harmonically challenging, heavy single-note riff. “One of the most important aspects of becoming a good metal guitarist is … Continue reading

Metal Mike Chlasciak Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Metal guitar god Mike Chlasciak’s solo album The Metalworker is due for release later this year, and the song titles are now available. The record features several instrumental tracks, which include collaborations with vocalist Carlos Zema, drummer Kevin Talley and … Continue reading

Metal Mike Chlasciak Featured In Berklee College Of Music’s Podcast

Jackson artist Metal Mike Chlasciak was spotlighted in in Berklee College of Music’s “Sounds of Berklee” iTunes podcast last month. In a recent statement, Chlasciak, who attended Berklee from 1990-1994, said he we was “psyched” to be featured on the … Continue reading

2012 Jackson Showcase At NAMM: A Recap

The 2012 Jackson Showcase at NAMM was a big hit, with an incredible display set up over the weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. Artists, product dealers and fans alike got a chance to interact and check out some of … Continue reading

Ellefson, Broderick Talk To Fans At 2012 Jackson Showcase

Did you miss the autograph signing with David Ellefson, Chris Broderick, Scott Ian and “Metal” Mike Chlasciak on Saturday at the 2012 Jackson Showcase at NAMM? Ellefson and Broderick, Megadeth’s bassist and guitarist, respectively, offered fans a behind-the-scenes look at … Continue reading