Antonio Araújo / Korzus

Guitar Origins:
Antonio Araújo began playing guitar at age 13, studying in his hometown with local teachers before proceeding to music university at UFPE. His goal was always to hit the stages and play loud, heavy and fast rock ‘n’ roll.
Guitar Influences:
A wide spectrum of players like Steve Vai, Jeff Hanneman, Jeff Waters, Edu Ardanuy, Kiko Loureiro, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Dino Cazares, Andreas Kisser, Scott Ian, James Hetfield. “These are people who always inspired me in many ways — technique, musicality, songwrittng and some for their amazing right-hand skills,” said Araújo.
Did You Know?
Antonio was elected in 2011 by "Leitura Dinamica" (a journal from TV network REDETV), as the second best metal guitarist of all-time in an online voting. He was also elected one of the three best guitarists in Brazil by Roadie Crew magazine.
In The News:
"Every new track brings more violence. ‘Vampiro,’ sang in Portuguese, is a powerful song with some awesome riffs. Dick Siebert’s bass playing and Antonio Araujo´s performance are noteworthy. Once again Korzus comes up with a phenomenal record. No doubt Legion is one of the best releases of the year."
Fun Facts:
Antonio also owned a restaurant and is a dedicated cook. He was also a swimming athlete in his teenage years.
On His Gear:
“Jackson's have been always my dream guitars. Growing up in the northeast of Brazil in the ‘90s as a guitarist wannabe, Jackson's were not very easy to find here. I remember this friend of mine who had a Randy Rhoads and we played together for a while. It was my first time grabbing one in my hands and I was in love with it. They are amazing instruments with personality, true sound and character — the ultimate rock machine.”


X Series Signature Scott Ian King V™ KVXT, Rosewood Fingerboard, Gloss Black

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