Ash Gray / Venom Prison

Born In:
Newport, South Wales, U.K.
Resides In:
South Wales, U.K.
Music Style/Genre:
Extreme metal, death metal
Guitar Heroes/Influences
Bill Steer, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Eric Rutan
On Working with Jackson:
"I have always been a fan of Jackson since a young age. Whilst getting into heavy metal I drew heavily toward Jackson and it's great to be included on the roster. Through touring, performing and studio recordings, I have never been let down by Jackson. The guitars are always reliable, sound punishing and are a great support to Venom Prison. They are perfect for everything the band needs. I wouldn’t have it any other way!" - Gray
Has Toured With:
Trivium, Power Trip, Fit For An Autopsy, Darkest Hour, Gorguts, Revocation and more.
Fun Facts:
Aside from handling guitar duties in Venom Prison, Gray is an avid video gamer and studio/sound engineer.


Pro Series King V™ KVT, Ebony Fingerboard, 3-Tone Sunburst

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