Jake Kiley / Strung Out

About Strung Out
Mixing up punk speed, metal guitar power, and a dash of electronics for seasoning, Southern California rockers Strung Out were formed in mid-1991.
Born In:
Bangor, Maine
His First Concert:
Metallica, 1988
Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Pantera, Propaghandi, Descendents, Thrice, Bad Religion
“I’m back in love with the Floyd Rose, it’s incredible. I’m back in whammy-bar nerd heaven with this thing. It’s awesome. This thing stays in tune so well. I can seriously throw it into the fucking wall and it will be in tune. It is honestly the most effective guitar I’ve ever had. It is just incredible.” – Jake Kiley on his custom Jackson Soloist.


USA Select Soloist™ SL2H, Ebony Fingerboard, Gloss Black

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