Mark Okubo / Veil of Maya

Metal band Veil of Maya formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2004.
Known For:
Authentically mixing elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal and thrash
What’s in a Name?
The band's name references Maya, a concept of illusion in Indian philosophy.
Passport Please:
Veil of Maya is seriously racking up the passport stamps. In 2016, the band toured Asia twice, plus the United States, Mexico and Europe.
Mark Okubo is a soundtrack fan, whether it’s movies or video games. He once cited the soundtrack to E.T. as his “jam.”

“Oh my god, it’s so good," he said. "Next time you watch E.T., try and imagine the movie without any music and it’s just insane. Yeah, I like those. I like videogame soundtracks, as well. Like, obviously all the Final Fantasy games and some Zeldas. I like the Mass Effect soundtracks. I’m just into that kind of stuff."


Pro Series Soloist™ SL7Q, Ebony Fingerboard, Alien Burst
USA Select Soloist™ SL2H, Ebony Fingerboard, Black

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