Mike "Jeff" Jefferies / Venom Prison

Resides In:
Bristol, U.K.
Music Style/Genre:
Death metal
Guitar Heroes/Influences
Dave Mustaine , Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), Steve Harris, Cliff Burton and Sean Beasley (Dying Fetus)
On His Jackson Gear:
"Jackson guitars to me have always been synonymous with heavy metal. Everything from the neck profiles to the look and aesthetics of each Jackson guitar or bass I’ve ever tried makes you look forward to picking it up and playing." -Jefferies
Has Toured With:
Trivium, Power Trip, Fit For An Autopsy, Darkest Hour, Gorguts and Revocation
Fun Facts:
No one loves the festival-scene more than Jefferies ... "You’ll never see me happier than at a festival!" he said. "Whenever we play one, you can guarantee I’ll be the one staying for the whole thing, checking out bands and camping with the normal festival goers if I get the chance."


X Series Concert™ Bass CBXNT V, Laurel Fingerboard, Gloss Black
X Series Signature David Ellefson Concert™ Bass CBX V, Laurel Fingerboard, Satin Black
JS Series Spectra Bass JS3V, Laurel Fingerboard, Satin Black

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