Mikey Doling / Channel Zero

Born In:
Coachella, CA
Resides In:
Irvine, CA
Nu metal/alternative heavy metal
Has Toured With:
Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Pantera
Did You Know?
Prior to joining Belgium-based alt-metal band Channel Zero, Doling founded the Santa Barbara-based nu metal outfit Snot in 1995 with vocalist Lynn Strait. The band released their debut studio album Get Some in 1997 and disbanded after Lynn's death the following year.

As the lone guitarist for Channel Zero, Doling wrote the riffs for the band's last two albums, Kill All Kings and Exit Humanity.

Doling was part owner of The ROXY TOKYO in Japan. Although it has since closed, several bands performed at the venue, including Slipknot, GWAR and In Flames.


Pro Series Rhoads RR, Ebony Fingerboard, Gloss Black

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