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Given the world’s unpredictability, survival requires reaction. With so many factors beyond our control, the focus of life often becomes about how we respond to these outside forces. The same can be said for music. Regardless of how trends ebb and flow, artists must react appropriately in order to thrive and survive. Since 1998, All That Remains continue to progress, while clenching steadfast to the principals that etched their place at the forefront of 21st century hard rock.

Consisting of original members Phil Labonte [vocals] and Oli Herbert plus Mike Martin [guitar], Aaron Patrick [bass] and Jason Costa [drums], the Springfield, Massachusetts-formed modern metal act has released eight studio albums, a live CD/DVD, enjoyed heavy radio play and sold over a million records worldwide — all the while preserving an ethos of evolution.
Guitar Beginnings:
Herbert began playing guitar at 14, and considered himself a “lone metalhead.” His first paid gig was with his high school band as part of the Battle of the Bands on his final day of his senior year. His band won third place, earning $25.
Oli Hebert has an associate’s degree in Classical and Jazz Guitar, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition.
Giving Back:
Herbert taught guitar lessons for many, many years before a busy touring schedule made it impossible to keep up.

In 2009, his metal guitar instructional program for Rockhouse earned him “instructional DVD of the year."
Early Influences:
Herbert began getting into metal in 1986 with a bent towards Motley Crue, Dokken and Ozzy Osbourne. Right before he started playing the guitar, he also became interested in Megadeth and Metallica. When it comes to classical music, Herbert cites Beethoven as a top influence.
"Jackson had always been the benchmark for what a metal guitar should be. Randy Rhoads is a big influence to me, and he was a Jackson player. I remember when I first joined the band, our old guitar player had a Jackson V, and I remember playing it and thinking ‘Wow, this is phenomenal.’ I love Jackson and the products they make.” - Herbert on Jackson
Fun Fact:
Herbert always performs live sober.


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