Wes Borland / Limp Bizkit

Wes Borland is most well known as the avant-garde guitarist and backing vocalist of Limp Bizkit. The creative multi-instrumentalist’s use of sonic experimentation and elaborate stage outfits helped propel Limb Bizkit to great success in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Borland continues his one-of-a-kind style by working on multiple new projects including Big Dumb Face, Black Light Burns, and most recently by releasing his first solo album, Crystal Machete, produced by his own Edison Sound record label.
Richmond, Virginia
Resides In:
Detroit, Michigan
Music Style/Genre:
Nu metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal, Death Metal
Awards or Career Highlights:
Nominated for three Grammy Awards with Limp Bizkit including Best Hard Rock Performance (“Nookie”), Best Rock Album (Significant Other) and Best Hard Rock Performance (“Take a Look Around.” Voted #37 in Total Guitar’s ‘Top 100 Guitarists of All Time’
Guitar Origins:
Initially interested in becoming a drummer, Borland was persuaded by his parents to try a “quieter” instrument. He eventually took guitar lessons from a member of their church.
Guitar Influences:
Primus, Helmut, Sepultura, Public Enemy, Anthrax, John Zorn, Aphex Twin
In the News:
"A beautiful, sprawling post-rock mini epic, full of ebb and flow, gently lilting guitars that intersect and drift over electronic pulses and loose, Lynchian rhythms." - Drowned in Sound on Crystal Machete
Fun Facts/Did You Know?
Borland and his wife Carré Callaway are passionate about rescuing abandoned cats around the Detroit area. They also starred in a DIY Network show, which followed their relocation to Detroit and subsequent renovation of a large house.


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