Zach Huston / Beartooth

Born/Resides In:
Columbus, Ohio
About the Band:
American hardcore punk quintet Beartooth was formed in 2012 in Columbus, Ohio, by vocalist Caleb Shomo. They have been signed to Red Bull Records since 2013.

Previously the lead guitarist for metalcore band Like Moths to Flames (2010-2014), Huston was recruited by vocalist Shomo and officially joined Beartooth in June 2018.
In The News:
"At its best, Disease manages to find a middle ground between the Foo Fighers and Every Time I Die – radio anthems with heavy, groove-driven riffs, and lacking the try-hard electronic components of so many of Caleb’s less-competent peers." Louder review of Beartooth's Disease

"What separates Disease from the previous two Beartooth albums is the overall heaviness of the record. Disease is more riff-driven than the band’s previous efforts and has more of a punk/metal feel to it than the standard metalcore bands that Beartooth is associated with." The Post Athens review of Beartooth's Disease
On His Jackson Gear:
"Jackson is just where it's at! Smooth as silk and lightning fast, they are built to bring the heat."
Did You Know?
Huston is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Despite his history of playing in metal and hardcore bands, Huston appreciates the work of rappers A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar.


Pro Series King V™ KVT, Ebony Fingerboard, 3-Tone Sunburst

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