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New Haven, Connecticut metalcore act Hatebreed came on the scene in 1994 with a landmark demo tape that they sold to local hardcore fans. Despite lineup changes, Hatebreed has remained an institution that can be relied on. Its foundations don’t shake due to the winds of change or tides of trends - no matter how volatile, omnipresent, or tenuous. With steadfast determination and an unrelenting, bludegeoning attack, singer Jamey Jasta, bassist Chris Beattie, drummer Matthew Byrne and guitarists Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec have risen to the ranks of hardcore and heavy metal elite with a GRAMMY award nomination, main stage slots on festivals, and countless fans worldwide.

The O.G.

Beattie, Jasta and Lozinak are all original members of the band, although only Beattie and Jasta have been part of the lineup throughout the entirety of the band’s existence.

Grammy Nom:

Hatebreed was nominated in 2014 for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for “Live For This,” which appeared on album The Rise of Brutality.

Horror Buff:

Beattie is a big horror film buff, citing Alfred Hitchcock, Clive Barker, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper and George A Romero as some of his favorites. “Tobe Hooper was just brutal and he really changed the landscape with Texas Chainsaw Massacre," said Beattie. "Nobody could have imagined that kind of horror and that people actually existed like that. It was a parent’s nightmare come true.”


Speaking of chainsaws, Beattie narrowly missed impact with one back in 2013 when he was cutting down a branch. He fell eight feed off a ladder, must managing to throw the chainsaw away from his body on the way down. A broken left wrist and right elbow unfortunately required surgery and kept him off Hatebreed's tour.

Side Hobbies:

While on tour, Beattie spends his time working out, or taking long walks to explore. He and Frank Novinec also take in baseball games whenever they can.


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