Blake Ibanez / Power Trip  Blake Ibanez / Power Trip
Born In:

Dallas, Texas

Resides In:

Fort Worth, Texas

Band Origins:

In 2008, 16-year-old guitarist Blake Ibanez and singer Riley Gale formed Power Trip in Dallas, Texas. The thrash metal and hardcare punk outfit stemmed from their mutual love for extreme genres of music.

Despite their aggressive thrash roots, Ibanez draws a lot of his songwriting inspiration from bands like Cheap Trick and the Who.

Guitar Heroes:

Doug Gillard and Robert Pollard

On His Jackson Gear:

“My RR1 is made really well — it sounds great. It’s a little heavier. It’s got a lot of girth, and it has more presence,” said Ibanez during a Premier Guitar Rig Rundown.

The Buzz:

"The larger metal world may embrace Power Trip, but they've established themselves as a band ready to challenge crowds everywhere, both musically and politically; a band ready to take a stand on the divisive issues of the day regardless of the consequences; a band as comfortable sharing stages with death-metal extremists like Obituary as they are with a power-pop outfit such as Philadelphia's Sheer Mag." - Revolver