Brandon Ellis Brandon Ellis

Born and Resides In:

New Jersey, USA

In the Media:

"Since the Black Dahlia Murder appeared in 2003 with the compelling if imperfect Unhallowed, they've established a well-deserved reputation for innovation and heaviness on death metal's extreme edge. Due to a grueling touring regimen and work ethic, they've garnered a fanatical following that seems to grow almost exponentially with each release. Nightbringers, their eighth, marks the first time TBDM have consciously looked at their roots and brought them into the present as a basis to push off from. Part of the rear-view glance may have to do with new lead guitarist Brandon Ellis (also a member of tech-death powerhouses Arsis). Not only does he deliver brutal riffage, he composed a good deal of the material on Nightbringers based on the influence of the band's trademark sound." AllMusic's Thom Jurek

Music Style/Genre:

Heavy metal, solo guitar, death metal

Awards and Career Highlights

Nightbringers was released on Oct. 6, 2017 through Metal Blade Records and became the best-selling, direct-to-consumer pre-order in Metal Blade Records's history.

Guitar Heroes and Influences:

Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mattias “IA” Eklundh and Blues Saraceno

Quotable/Testimonial About Jackson:

“There is no company with a greater legacy in heavy metal guitar history than Jackson guitars. From the Rhoads to the Soloist and beyond, Jackson guitars are fundamental to the development of heavy music as we know it today. Growing up an avid collector of Jackson and Charvel guitars, it’s a dream come true to now have their legendary team of luthiers building instruments to my specifications. There is no other brand I would endorse, and it is my honor to champion their continued legacy and guitars!” -Brandon Ellis

Fun Facts:

Ellis maintains an impressive collection of classic guitars from the era of over the top paint jobs and aesthetics. He is known for his affinity toward crackle finishes and other staples of 80s metal guitar.


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