Dave Davidson Dave Davidson

Formed in Boston in 2000 by frontman Dave Davidson, extreme metal band Revocation soon earned a reputation for unleashing some of the genre’s most potent, technical and abrasive metal. With a constant drive to evolve their sound, Davidson and his bandmates Brett Bamberger, Dan Gargiulo and Ash Pearson set forth their most dynamic, boundary-pushing and weighty release to date with 2016’s Great Is Our Sin.

The Buzz:

“Revocation albums are like little treasure troves. You have some expectation of what you’re going to hear, but principal songwriters Dave Davidson and Dan Gargiulo pack-in riffs, twist around rhythms, and have fun crafting their aural creations. This band writes songs similar to how director andscreenwriter Brian de Palma structures a murder scene: you know to expect twists, but you’re never pandered to. They’re gonna give you the chorus, the breakdown, and the solo, but they’re gonna give it to you good. This is deep music, for sure, but it’s meant to be fun.” - Metalsucks.net

The Warrior:

A fan of the Jackson Warrior since his family chipped in to buy him one for his high school graduation, Davidson was honored in 2016 with the release of his very own Jackson limited edition signature model.


Davidson developed his ferocious guitar skills by attending the Berklee College of Music, where he focused on polyrhythm and jazz.

Guitar Influences:

Joe Perry was one of Davidson’s earliest guitar heroes. “I saw Joe Perry ripping a solo and I was just like, ‘Man, that guy looks really, really cool,’” said Davidson. “Ever since then I’ve been kind of hooked you could say. I went out and got some crappy brand guitar, like the lowest end, and I worked my way up playing-wise, and got inspired by a ton of different guitarists after listening to Aerosmith.” Some of those other guitarists include guys like Dimebag Darrell, Marty Friedman and Slash.