Jacob Toy Jacob Toy

Formed in 2014, Signs of the Swarm is a five-piece deathcore band that expertly blends elements of death metal, slam and hardcore. The result is a concoction of fast riffs and nasty breakdowns over insane vocals that creates a brutally unique sound all their own.

Born & Still Resides In:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On his Jackson Gear:

"The Jackson guitars that I own are the best guitars that I have ever taken on the road with me. They are super solid and sound killer every night."

Has Toured With:

Aborted, Disentomb, Lorna Shore, Pyscroptic, Arkaik, Venom Prison and Bodysnatcher

Fun Facts

Aside from handling guitar duties in Signs of the Swarm, Toy is an avid crossfitter and video gamer.

In The News

"Signs of the Swarm does a terrific job of keeping their composition pumped with various inflections of sound and style, keeping the song structure from never staling out. Even when the band plays to a straight forward structure, what comes forth is a pure wave of brutality. The band's style of brutal slam and deathcore presents an overwhelming feeling of devastation in the heavy instrumentals and vicious vocals." - Metal Injection