Joey Concepcion Joey Concepcion

Hailing from Orange, Connecticut, Joey Concepcion is an upcoming rock guitar sensation who possesses talent way beyond his years. From passionately expressive solos to burning shred, he has turned many heads in the industry with his advanced playing maturity.

In 2008, Michael Vescera (vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness, and Obsession) asked Concepcion to make a guest appearance on his latest solo album, which earned rave reviews.

The legendary Vescera returned the favor by producing and engineering Concepcion’s 2010 EP with his project Chaos Embrace. Since then, Concepcion played with local thrashers Oath of Insanity and Symphony of Malice before being asked to join the band Armageddon.

He has also toured with Dead by Wednesday.

Flying Solo

Concepcion released his solo debut album Alignment in February 2017.


“I wanna dedicate this album to sufferer's of OCD, anxiety and depression. If you believe in yourself hard enough and follow positivity, persevere and always think in end result, your dreams will always most certainly come true.

“We can never know if fate or destiny is set for us or not, but in the meantime we must believe in a greater purpose.” – Concepcion on Alignment