Mick Thomson Mick Thomson

Mick Thomson’s black hole-heavy de-tuned guitar sound has been an integral part of Slipknot for more than two decades. With over 16 million records/videos sold and an impressive stream of ongoing sold-out worldwide tours, the Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum band continues to be a dominant force in modern metal music.


Thomson still resides in Des Moines, Iowa, where he was born and raised, and also where Slipknot originally formed.


Slipknot was founded in September 1995. Thomson joined the band in 1996.

What’s in a Number? :

There are nine members of slipknot ranging from 0-8. Thomson is number seven.

Masked Men:

Asserting that they are "not about our names or our faces," the band members have always sported bizarre and frightening masks. Thomson’s first mask was a store-bought hockey mask, which he later changed into a black leather gimp mask. His current mask is quite menacing, painted silver with angry eyes and a five-bar grill across the teeth.

Side Credits:

Thomson and the late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray appeared on a Death tribute album helmed by James Murphy. He also recorded the second guitar solo on Malevolent Creation’s “Delivery My Enemy,” guested on lead guitar on Necrophagia’s Deathtrip 69 album and appeared in the music video for “No Pity on the Ants” by Lupara.

Fun Facts:

Thomson is a diehard Oakland Raiders fan.

His First Jackson

"After saving for several years after high school, I was finally able to take out a loan and placed an order for a custom King V. It was my perfect guitar. Charcoal metallic grey, black hardware, Floyd Rose tremolo, shark tooth inlays and an active pickup circuit. I used it for everything up to, and including, our first record. I cherished it too much to bring on tour and risk damage or theft, and that's where we parted ways for a while (but never being out of reach at home)." - Mick Thomson