Pro Series Dave Davidson Signature

Warrior™ WR7

Over the last decade, Boston-based act Revocation has firmly established itself as one of the finest in today’s death metal and thrash metal genres. Heralded as one of modern metal’s elite guitarists, frontman Dave Davidson is also the driving force behind the band as it continues to evolve and challenge conventional metal norms.

Jackson continues its storied history of working with the best in the business with the creation of Davidson’s Pro Series Signature Warrior™ WR7 model, an instrument built for taking creative liberties and running the metal gamut.

Dark and menacing with its Distressed Ash finish, black body, neck and headstock binding and black hardware, this signature Warrior is primed and ready for battle.

Unique Dave Davidson Warrior™ WR7 Features

Dave Davidson Signature DiMarzio® Imperium Pickups
Black body, neck
and headstock binding

“For me, the Warrior is the ultimate metal guitar. It's angular but also sleek and has a commanding presence overall. Dimebag was the guitarist that really made me fall in love with metal as a kid and the fact that he was playing on these really bold guitars definitely drew me in, so it was only natural that I gravitated to the Warrior shape because it was in a similar vein. I got my first Warrior well over a decade ago and as soon as I opened the box and started playing it I felt a connection. The uniqueness of the guitar really resonated with me and it's been my go-to shape ever since. It's definitely a dream come true to have my own signature model. It was something that I've always wanted so I'm very thankful that Jackson has been so receptive to working with me on all the minute details to make this guitar a reality. I'm very proud of how it turned out.”

- Dave Davidson