Jackson’s relentless innovation constantly redefines modern guitar design and capabilities, and Misha Mansoor’s diverse signature Juggernaut lineup continues that legacy, bringing massive tone and slick, fast playability to the contemporary guitar playing masses.

Combining the DNA from the time-tested Dinky™ and Soloist™ models, these familiar-feeling, thoroughly modern Juggernaut masterpieces seamlessly meld contemporary elements with classic features for a truly unique sonic identity.

Built to Mansoor’s exact specifications, his collection of signature Juggernauts feature the latest in technology combined with premium materials for massive amounts of articulation—a requirement when playing demanding progressive metal chord structures.

New for 2021, the acclaimed djent architect of Periphery has two new models featuring the game-changing EverTune® bridge with the Pro Series Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut ET6 and Pro Series Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut ET7.

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“For those of you who don't know what an EverTune is, it’s a magical bridge that keeps your guitar in tune. It’s kind of insane—some super complicated tension-based system, but if you set up the guitar right, you can strike a string as hard as you want and it will never go sharp or flat. You can even set it up in this ‘safe zone’ as I call it where you can still bend – you just give it a little more than you usually would. Anyone who records knows how much time is spent in the studio just tuning your guitar. It’s a huge time saver when tracking and recording.”

- Misha Mansoor