Swift, Sleek and Affordable

JS Series guitars take an epic leap forward, making it easier than ever to get classic Jackson tone, looks and playability without breaking the bank. Upgraded and classic Jackson features such as striking aesthetics, custom-voiced high output ceramic-magnet pickups, graphite-reinforced maple necks, bound fingerboards and headstocks deliver more for less, perfect for beginner guitarists or those on a tight budget.

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Bolt-On Necks with Graphite Reinforcement

Bolt-on necks feature scarf joints and graphite reinforcement for maximum stability to help the instrument withstand climate changes.

Jackson High-Output Pickups

Painstakingly voiced for full, rich tone while providing maximum overdrive and sustain.

Bound Fingerboards and Headstocks

Elegantly bound JS fingerboards and headstocks give these instruments sophisticated flair.

Double-locking tremolos and high-mass hard-tail bridges

Once strings are stretched and tuned, JS double-locking tremolo bridges lock them down tight for total stability that withstands even the deepest, most swooping trem-arm dives. Jackson High Mass compensated string-through-body hardtail bridges provide rock solid sustain and stability.



Loaded with Pure Jackson DNA and that “X” Factor

Think classic Jackson designs, outstanding tone, ultra-fast playability and highly affordable value for 21st-century guitarists. Built with the very latest in Jackson expertise and innovation, X Series models feature hot humbucking pickups that deliver well-balanced tone with tight bass, glassy mids and crunchy highs. More than the sum of their parts, these mid-range level guitars are steeped with an “X” factor that makes them perfect modern shred machines for a whole new generation of no-holds barred guitarists.

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Name-Brand Pickups and Hardware

X Series models offer a selection of EMG®, Seymour Duncan® and Duncan Designed humbucking pickups for unparalleled tonal versatility from clean to heavily distorted. All tremolo-equipped models feature Floyd Rose® Special bridges.

Graphite-Reinforced Neck-Through Design

True neck-through-body construction has been a Jackson hallmark since 1980. For greater playability and sustain, X Series models feature a neck-through design usually reserved for much more expensive instruments. Further, graphite support rods flanking the truss rod provide even more neck stability to help the instrument withstand the rigors of the road.

Compound-Radius Fingerboards

Jackson pioneered the use of this innovative design, in which the fingerboard gradually flattens toward the heel from its more rounded profile at the nut. This makes for comfortable and natural-feeling chording and riffing near the nut, with optimal shred articulation and bending nearer the heel.

Gorgeous Jackson Style

The X Series presents a wealth of distinctive Jackson stylistic options from the subdued to the striking. Sharkfin or “piranha” fingerboard inlays. The traditional Jackson six-in-line headstock or an AT headstock with tuners on either side. Deep solid colors or beautifully figured tops. The X Series has something for everyone.



Pro-Level Guitars for Pro-Level Players

The first thing you notice about a Jackson Pro Series instrument is its striking aesthetics—the gorgeous look and super-sleek feel. Our classic designs are loaded with pro features, outstanding tone, light-speed playability, terrific balance and remarkably attainable value.

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Real Neck-Through Construction and Wrap-Around Bolt-Ons

Neck-through-body models feature hand-rubbed oil neck finishes and graphite neck reinforcement rods for the ultimate in sleek playability and rock-solid sustain and stability. Bolt-on-neck models feature an innovative “wrap-around” three-bolt neck joint with remarkable strength, style and feel.

Floyd Rose® Tremolos, Compensated Jackson Hi-Mass Hardtail and String-Through-Body Bridges

Jackson Pro Series guitars are built with the very best parts for professional tone, stability and durability for stage and studio alike. Nowhere is this more evident than the bridge. Pro Series guitars feature Floyd Rose® 1000 Series tremolos, Jackson Hi-Mass hardtail and string-through-body bridges.

Compound-radius fingerboards

Jackson pioneered the use of this innovative design, in which the fingerboard gradually flattens toward the heel from its more rounded profile at the nut. This makes for comfortable and natural-feeling chording and riffing near the nut, with optimal shred articulation and bending nearer the heel.

Gorgeous Jackson Style

Pro Series models present Jackson players with an alluring assortment of stylistic features and options. These include ebony, maple and rosewood fingerboards; sharkfin, shark eye block, offset dot and “piranha” fingerboard inlays; deep solid colors and beautifully figured tops with matching headstocks.



The Jackson Legacy Continues

Jackson Artist Signature guitars and basses bear the names, preferred features and personalized touches of a select group of metal’s finest and most acclaimed players worldwide. They’re designed in conjunction with Jackson’s master builders as the ultimate expression of the artist’s talent and style.

Beginning with the legendary Randy Rhoads with whom Jackson history began in 1980 when they collaborated on the Concorde, and encompassing molten modern masters such as Phil Collen, David Ellefson, Marty Friedman, Mark Morton, Mick Thomson, Adrian Smith and more, Jackson Artist Signature models put the shredding sounds of the greats in good hands—yours.

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Fully-Loaded Limited Editions

The Jackson Limited Edition Wildcard Series features innovative and high-tech designed metal machines loaded with premium specs and upgrades that are typically found only on Custom Shop creations.

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Floyd Rose® Original Double-Locking Tremolo Bridge System

These limited edition Wildcard axes come outfitted with a Floyd Rose® Original double-locking tremolo bridge system for incredibly accurate tuning.

Neck-Through-Body Three and Five-Piece Necks

The neck-through-body construction design improves sustain and intonation across the instrument. The solid three-piece or five-piece neck construction with graphite reinforcement holds up under extreme environmental distress.

Assertive Tones

The SL2FM and SL2P come outfitted with a pair of multi-voiced Fishman® Fluence® Modern PRF-MHB pickups mounted to the body for improved vibration transfer and prized, super-hot humbucking tones. The SL27 features an HS pickup configuration of a direct mount DiMarzio® Super Distortion® DP100FW+BK bridge and DiMarzio Air Norton STM DP180W neck pickups designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive with thick, boosted mids, big lows and fat highs.



Tradition Reborn

Custom Select instruments recall the time-honored tradition of the ’80s-era Jackson Custom Shop, when every instrument was a special-order. Design your ultimate shred machine from a massive menu of only the finest materials and elements, and then have your personalized order brought to sonic life by the best builders in the business. Boasting stellar design, peerless performance and superior craftsmanship, these U.S.-built customizable guitars are vehicles of unprecedented self-expression.

Build Your Custom Guitar  
Made with the best components

Jackson Custom Select guitars feature the finest components available. From top to bottom—from the Floyd Rose® tremolo system to the premium tuners and every part in between—every single element of a Jackson Custom Select guitar is nothing less than the best. The best pickups. The best hardware. The best inlay work, binding and bevels. The best finishes and graphics, from the elegant to the insane. All your call, and all to create your ultimate Jackson guitar.

Class and elegance

From basic elegance to incomparable flamboyance, Jackson’s Custom Select series delivers great Jackson style. Colors range from sinister matte black to vibrant solids. Hand-painted graphics range from the understated to the outlandish, or choose one with a beautifully figured top. Necks with oiled finishes and classic inlay work. And much more.

Compound-radius fingerboards

Custom Select models feature compound-radius fingerboards. Jackson pioneered the use of this innovative design, in which the fingerboard gradually flattens toward the heel from its more rounded profile at the nut. This makes for comfortable and natural-feeling chording and riffing near the nut, with optimal articulation and bending nearer the heel.



The Best of the Best

From bridge to headstock, USA Select Series represent Jackson’s top-line best. Nowhere else will you find U.S.-built production-model shred machines of such stellar design, peerless performance and superior craftsmanship, brought to life by the best luthiers and builders in the business. Of all Jackson’s most acclaimed and beloved instrument families, the USA Select Series puts the best of Jackson’s best in your hands.

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The Best Materials

Only high-grade alder, basswood and mahogany are found in USA Select models. All quilt and flame tops are hand selected by Jackson Custom Shop builders to ensure that the highest-quality materials are used.

Quartersawn maple necks and ebony fingerboards

From time-honored neck-through models such as the Soloist and Rhoads to the bolt-on classic DK1, Jackson USA Select guitars feature ultra-stable quartersawn maple necks and the finest ebony fingerboards with mother-of-pearl and real abalone inlays.

Original Floyd Rose® tremolos, Jackson Hi-Mass hard-tail bridges and TonePros® locking bridges

Jackson USA Select guitars are built with the very best parts for the very best tone, stability and durability for stage and studio alike. Take bridges: USA Select models feature original Floyd Rose® tremolos, Jackson Hi-Mass hardtail bridges and TonePros® Tune-O-Matic bridges.