The benefits conferred by this limited warranty (“this warranty”) are in addition to all other statutory rights in respect of this FMA product which the consumer may have under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and/or other applicable laws. Terms & Conditions of This Warranty Subject to the terms and conditions below, FMA warrants to the original retail consumer purchaser that whilst the product is owned and used by the original retail consumer purchaser and provided it has been regularly serviced, this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year for stringed instruments & 5 years for amplifiers, except that footswitches, covers, speakers, microphones, rechargeable batteries, cabinets, handles and cabinet hardware are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase or initial lease and light bulbs, vacuum tubes, meters, cables, and all other included accessory products are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase or initial lease.


To claim under this warranty, the original consumer purchaser must at the time the claim is made: a. supply proof, to FMA’s satisfaction, of his/her original purchase of the product (at least the original sales receipt which must contain the product’s serial number and the purchaser's name): b. supply documentary evidence of its service history; and c. within the period of this warranty, return the product to an Authorised Dealer or to an Authorised Service Centre. Locations and details of FMA’s Authorised Dealers and Authorised Service Centres are available at www.fender.com.au The cost of claiming under this warranty, including return of any product to FMA, or the delivery to FMA’s nominated Authorised Dealer, or nominated Authorised Fender® Centre, must be borne by the consumer. FMA will at its expense and at its option: (a) repair the product; or (b) replace the product; or (c) supply equivalent product; or (d) pay the cost of such repair, supply or replacement.

FENDER RECOMMENDS SERVICING OF YOUR INSTRUMENT NOT LESS FREQUENTLY THAN YEARLY (MORE FREQUENTLY IF USED PROFESSIONALLY) AT AN AUTHORISED FENDER® SERVICE CENTRETHIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: • normal wear and tear on any part of the product, including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, screws, strings, fret wear, saddle wear & nut wear; • setups, adjustments or routine maintenance of any kind; • failings or deterioration due to accidents, neglect, abuse or abnormal use; • damage or defect resulting from unauthorised removal, replacement or interference with parts; • any repair or service performed by anyone other than FMA’s nominated Authorised Fender® Dealer or Authorised Fender® Service Centre; • checking, shrinking, sinking, discolouration and wear of lacquer finishes; • any product whose serial number is missing, unable to be read, defaced or has been altered or tampered with in any manner; • any product which has been modified except by an Authorised Fender® Service Technician after first having obtained Fender's prior written approval; • case and case hardware; • mic clips or battery clips; • damage to finishes or cracks, splitting or warpage of wood due to changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to or contact with sun, fire, moisture, body salts or acids of perspiration, any other chemicals or non-Fender® approved polishes; •damage, corrosion or rusting of any hardware components caused by humidity, salty air or exposure to the moisture; guitar straps, guitar stand/hangers made of vinyl, plastic, rubber or other synthetic materials;• any product which has been hired out; or • transportation, insurance or freight charges associated with claims under this warranty. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. Repair service of defects covered by this warranty can only be performed by the Authorised Fender® Service Centre designated by FMA. FMA does not accept any liability in connection with this warranty for any consequential damage or economic loss whether direct or indirect, to any person or property, arising from breakdown or failure of the product. FMA’s liability under this warranty is limited to the lesser of the replacement cost or repair cost of the product. For goods capable of storing data, FMA advises that the repair of the goods could result in loss of the data. FMA will not be liable for the loss of any saved data or user generated content. FMA recommends backing up any saved data to an appropriate storage device.

YOUR AUTHORISED FENDER DEALER MAY ALSO BE AUTHORISED FOR WARRANTY SERVICE AND SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST POINT OF CONTACT WHEN ANY KIND OF SERVICE IS REQUIRED. The location of your nearest Authorised Fender® Dealer and/or Authorised Fender® Service Centre can be found at our web site: www.fender.com/en-AU/ This warranty is given by FMA, and no other person or organisation is authorised to vary its provisions or conditions. Claims on this warranty may be sent to FMA whose address is P.O. BOX 95, Botany, NSW, 1455, Fax: (02) 9316 7475; Tel: (02) 9666 5077; Email: info@fender.com.au. NB. The product must be retained until the claim under this warranty is processed and FMA nominates which Authorised Fender® Dealer or Authorised Fender® Service Centre the product is to be taken to.

NOTICE TO ALL CONSUMERS: Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.