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The Jackson® Custom Shop Diablo® IV Special Edition Kelly

From a realm consumed by darkness, where demons lurk and heroes rise, behold an instrument with the power to shred the evil hordes - The Jackson® Custom Shop Diablo® IV Special Edition Kelly

Forged within the darkest depths of Sanctuary and skillfully crafted by Master Builder Pasquale Campolattano, this Instrument embodies the chaos and fury of the underworld.

The body, hewn from the blackest obsidian, bathed in demon's blood, and adorned with a tribute to The Daughter of Hatred herself, Lilith, exudes an aura of malevolence.

Demonic rune fingerboard inlays serve as testaments to the power coursing through your finger-tips as you delve Into the depths of your darkest riffs.

Bedeviled with an EMG 81/60 combo and possessed by FU Tone Titanium Floyd Rose® upgrades, this diabolical masterpiece captures the essence of hellfire itself and is sure to deliver a sonic assault that will shake the very foundations of the mortal realm.

With this wicked demon in hand, you become a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of the underworld's denizens and vanquishing evil with every note. Where metal meets the abyss, embrace the darkness.

With only 10 available worldwide, don't hesitate to unleash your Inner demon and claim your place In the eternal symphony of chaos.

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Mother of Pearl Demonic Runes
Red Jasper Diablo® IV at 12th Fret


Black with Red Jasper and Recessed Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo with FU Tone Titanium Upgrades


Custom Diablo® IV Graphic Hand-Painted by Dan Lawrence with High-Gloss Polyester Topcoat