Jeff Loomis Jeff Loomis

Loomis has seared his mark on multiple subgenres of metal with his distinctive rhythmic style, smooth technique and breakneck speed. As a teen, his uncommon guitar style and sharp songwriting prowess shook the music scene in his home state of Wisconsin. After being crowned the winner of a Guitar Wars competition and a battle of the bands with his first band, Fear-Tech, Loomis went on to lend his impressive talents to the Seattle-based progressive metal band Nevermore. His impressive career has produced two solo albums bursting with intricate fretwork and a spot as the current lead guitarist for renowned Swedish death metal band, Arch Enemy.

Band Name:

Arch Enemy


Menasha, Wisconsin

Music Style/Genre

Melodic death metal, thrash, progressive metal

Testimonial about Jackson:

“I started playing Jackson guitars early on in my youth and in the early stages of my first band, Nevermore. To be able to work with their excellent staff of amazing luthiers and craftsman on a one-to-one basis now is really a dream come true.”

Has Toured With:

Trivium, Divine Heresy, Slayer

Fun Facts

Loomis initially started playing the drums when he was about 9 years old. He didn’t start seriously studying guitar until he was 15.

At the tender age of 16, Loomis auditioned for Megadeth. His speedy playing impressed Dave Mustaine, but the budding axeman was deemed too young to join the band. Marty Friedman ended up getting the spot.