Mike DeMaria (Red Guard) Mike DeMaria (Red Guard)
Resides In:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Musical Style:

Intergalactic metal

About Galactic Empire

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... actually fairly recently - a new heavy metal band was formed by some of the most infamous and feared villains in the galaxy.

The band performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star Wars films written by John Williams.

On His Jackson Gear:

“Jackson has always been synonymous with being the forefront of metal guitar playing for me. I remember spending hours watching videos of Kirk Hammett playing his black Rhoads and Marty Friedman ripping on his iconic Kelly and knew I needed to check the brand out. I fell in love with the first Kelly I ever played and haven’t looked back.”

Guitar Influences:

Opeth, Dream Theater, Pantera